Podblogging Dot Com is Here!

Well.. okay, coming SOON anyway!

Why Podblogging … and Me!

Podblogging.I thought of that word years ago when there were no “pods” unless you meant a bean pods. My intent was to create a website about “beans”, but then by some weird techie twist of history, “podblogging” now means to use a podcast and a blog (that was called a website years ago). I even bought the domain name podblogging dot com like — years ago.

When the term podblogging was HOT I decided to use the domian name in another community kind of blog. (Yes, something like Multiply) But then I figured that there I was, paying for a server to support the subdomains of like only five of my friends! That didn’t sound like “profitable business” and I wanted to come up with something like WRITINGUP or BLOGGER PARTY and I didn’t know how!

Thus, here I am starting “small” again and soon, yes, when YOU tell me how I can monetize MY BLOG and YOURS , then I will get my domain name running again . Any Adsense ideas?Or does it really have to be only adsense and ADLITE? I don’t think so because I THINK that this time, I KNOW what I am doing but I need YOUR help too! ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME! Please COMMENT and get into business with me!


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Pride is Contagious

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