Podblogging Dot Com is Here!

Well.. okay, coming SOON anyway!

About Me!

I am a single parent with a regular job but eternally looking for that elusive wealth via some internet enterprise. (Okay, I know, so are you.. give me your ideas!) I tried that before using podblogging dot com but then after recruiting five of my friends to earn something like a MILLION from Adsense, I gave up because it didn’t happen:(
What else.. I have NO POLICE RECORD, not even a parking ticket and I live in the UP Michigan area where the winters can be harsh. But pollution is unknown where I live, it’s a little friendly county that seems one of the most wholesome places in the planet!
Oh yeah, I did kill a bat once. I have two cats –Peek and Boo – whose main reason for existing is to protect me from bats. I also dream of retiring to an island after earning ALL my millions here with a couple of St. Bernard’s. Oh yeah, and my plumbling sometimes has it’s problems too:)
My daughet Michelle will graduate this May ! Now, that’s achievement!


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