Podblogging Dot Com is Here!

Well.. okay, coming SOON anyway!

Why Podblogging … and Me!

Podblogging.I thought of that word years ago when there were no “pods” unless you meant a bean pods. My intent was to create a website about “beans”, but then by some weird techie twist of history, “podblogging” now means to use a podcast and a blog (that was called a website years ago). I even bought the domain name podblogging dot com like — years ago.

When the term podblogging was HOT I decided to use the domian name in another community kind of blog. (Yes, something like Multiply) But then I figured that there I was, paying for a server to support the subdomains of like only five of my friends! That didn’t sound like “profitable business” and I wanted to come up with something like WRITINGUP or BLOGGER PARTY and I didn’t know how!

Thus, here I am starting “small” again and soon, yes, when YOU tell me how I can monetize MY BLOG and YOURS , then I will get my domain name running again . Any Adsense ideas?Or does it really have to be only adsense and ADLITE? I don’t think so because I THINK that this time, I KNOW what I am doing but I need YOUR help too! ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME! Please COMMENT and get into business with me!


April 8, 2007 - Posted by | blogging and money, current events and news, friendship and relationships, inspiration and encouragement, Uncategorized

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  1. check into adify.com for other advertising. It pays out higher than adsense. You definitely want an advertising method that is ‘tiered’ (affiliates below you make YOU money). You could launch it as a free for 30 and then a low cost paid service; however, the storage space/bandwidth requirements would push you into a private server fairly quick.

    Comment by secreport | October 31, 2008

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